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8 Things That Make Women Crave Sex

· Thai Dating Tips

They say that men crave sex regularly, and women crave sex constantly. And while this may be true for some girls out there, for most girls their cravings to have sex are rather uncontrollable and occur only in certain situations.

In particular, there are 8 situations that make women crave sex the most. Those interested to meet Thai women should take note of the following things that make women crave sex, since they are very passionate in bed, so you might want to learn the psychology behind their sexuality.

After a fight. Sexual desire and aggression are somewhat similar in their nature. During a fight, lots of adrenalin and testosterone is released into the blood, which significantly heightens all sensations in the body.

And women see sex as their way to get rid of that accumulated sensations. In fact, it’s long been known that the best way to reconcile with your woman is to have sex with her. And Thai girls are no different in that regard.

However, if you found a girlfriend on a dating website for single Thai ladies and you just had a fight, you’ll have to be the one who approaches her with sex to make peace. It’s because it is against thailand women’s culture to make the first move.

In fact, hot Thai women never make the first move when looking for husband on online dating website. So you’ll have to be the one who always makes first moves when dating a Thai girl.

Something good/positive. Women also crave sex when something positive happens in their life: she landed a job she has been looking for, she bought a beautiful pair of shoes, she graduated from her university… There are tons of situations that can make a woman happy, and those positive situations turn their sexual ‘button’ on.

Stress. In stress situations, women’s libido can go crazy, and having sex helps women get rid of their inner doubts and fears while make them feel needed and more confident.

No sex period. Abstaining from sex can be difficult for women. When a woman doesn’t have a regular sex partner and she doesn’t want to sleep with just anybody to satisfy her needs, she craves sex even more. In fact, the longer she goes without sex, the more she craves to have sex.

Having an orgasm is vital for women’s health and its proper psychological and physical functioning. Without sex, women become irritable, quick-tempered and endure serious changes in their temper.

Jealousy. If a woman sees that some other woman pays too much attention to her boyfriend or husband, she immediately gets fueled with the desire to make a statement: have sex with him and let him know that she is the best.

Thai brides for marriage are especially jealous and want to make sure that her boyfriend or husband is faithful to them. So every time she spots her man checking out other ladies or girls of other nationalities, she will likely give him an angry look and then have passionate sex with him later that night.

Ovulation. It’s the period when women’s sexuality reaches its highest point. So don’t ignore your woman’s sexual desire at that period because there is a high chance she could make love to someone else.

Partying. A company of good friends, a little of alcohol, lots of fun and (preferably) a slow dance will make any woman melt and crave sex.

Creative outburst. Psychological and sexual natures are tightly intertwined in women. In fact, it’s believed that if a woman experiences an outburst of creative ideas, she is likely also having creative plans for you tonight.

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